John Ashton for Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner 2020

“I was born, brought up and have spent most of my life here on Merseyside. My 40 year career in public health has given me a unique insight into the problems faced by so many people involved in crime both as victims and perpetrators. As a senior health official I’ve been involved in many groundbreaking initiatives with the police from tackling heroin problems in the 1990’s to knife and gun crime today.

My first-hand experience of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 has taught me the importance of open, transparent and accountable policing; I was and remain highly critical of the way South Yorkshire police responded to the tragedy on the day, and in the subsequent cover-ups as the families fought for justice.

John Ashton for Police Commissioner

Vote for John Ashton for Merseyside PCC on May 7th 2020

I’ve never been shy of speaking truth to power and if elected I’ll remain a critical friend of Merseyside Police, the majority of whom do a first class job under incredibly difficult circumstances.

The fact that I’m not tied to any political party means I’ll remain independent and will not be shackled by party constraints – I’ll remain accountable to the people of Merseyside and nobody else.

Rest assured that I will use my 40 years in public office to continue to fight for you.”

John for PCC 2020

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